Buy Wedding Dresses in Russia

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting married abroad, but don’t know where to start looking for a wedding dress, why not buy it in Russia? This country has an incredible wedding market, with over 5000 shops selling different kinds of wedding goods. The city of Moscow alone has 8 large wedding markets, two of which are wholesale markets where you can Свадебные платья купить in bulk. Read on to discover more about the wedding market in Russia, and how to buy your dream wedding dress.

A traditional Russian wedding was once colorful, with the bride wearing a glamorous big white gown. This was before Western culture influenced the fashion scene. In the 1960s, however, white wedding dresses were introduced. Before that, traditional Russian brides wore a colorful red wedding dress, which was considered sacred. White wedding dresses were then adopted to reflect the changes. Today, traditional Russian weddings are fun, colorful affairs, with a great many traditional wedding games and traditions.

The Russian wedding dress consists of a blouse and a sarafan. The blouse and sarafan were distinctive, and the bride trimmed the underblouse with rich embroidery. The bride trimmed the gown with beads and embroidery, and sewed the pinafore herself. Despite its simple design, the bride has an incredible collection of wedding gowns to choose from. It’s a great idea to buy one for your future.

A traditional Russian wedding dress is traditionally colourful, and red is a popular colour. White was the colour of sanctity and wasn’t worn in festivities, so it wasn’t used in the olden days. During the nineteenth century, Russian empresses got married wearing rococo dresses. You can even see some of these dresses in the Armoury Chamber of the Kremlin. If you’re not sure what to choose, you can try your luck at a local wedding dress shop in Russia.

The wedding toasts in Russia are full of silly pranks and games that are sure to entertain the guests. The bride and groom must kiss and count the number of seconds they need to hold hands. The longer their kiss, the stronger the marriage. The guests are then required to finish their drinks. For this fun game, it is best to buy wedding dresses in Russia. And if you have some extra money lying around, why not buy some Russian wedding dresses and make a trip to Russia?